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Pastor Lawrence Pelly/ Yvonne Pelly


Hi again, there is so much to share..

Well i will start here, I am a wife and a proud mom, with our kids grown and on there own now the house was just to quiet so we recently adopted and he has been a joy to our lives. everything I do is for Jesus and our children, my family time is very important to me. It’s exciting to see the growth stages in our children. I believe as parents the best gift we can give our children is planting the seed of Jesus Christ. My boys have truly unconditionally loved their mother, the same way that Jesus Christ loves you.

Promise from God: Acts 16:31 NLT “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with your entire household”.

My Testimony

Prior to my miracle that took place, July 26, 2006, I was leading a very dark lonely abused suicidal life. I was addicted to many things; alcohol, prescriptions pills, and street drugs. I became severely addicted to crack cocaine. My turning point was when I saw demons revealing themselves in my home. I knew I needed help!

I was seeking hope and healing when I attended a Pilgrimage at Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta. In desperation I went forward to the prayer line and cried out to God!! It was then I felt the hand of Jesus touch me….an instant miracle took place! I was chosen that moment by Jesus Christ. By His Grace, I was instantly set free from the bondage I was in. I never experienced detox or withdrawal. Since that very day, I have been a willing vessel for my Savior, telling all who are seeking hope that Jesus Saves!

Yvonne’s home church is “David’s Heart Ministries” Church ~ 1620 11th St. West Saskatoon, Sask. Pastor Dez & Joy Desnomie are influential in her ministry. Everyone is welcome to come join us at church as we Praise and Worship.

“My burden and goal is to reach the people in your community who are lost to addiction or abuse. All I can do is open my life story and pray that it will give someone a new hope that there is a way out of bondage. His name is Jesus!”

Yvonne’s Motto: “I am who I am by the Grace of God ~ All Glory to God!!”, and “I am so thankful for all the doors the Lord has opened. He truly has been an amazing Father to me.”

Yvonne’s Verse: “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.” Hebrews 13:2

About Saint Germaine Music Inc

Saint Germaine Music Inc. was incorporated in 2010. It’s sole proprietor is Yvonne St.Germaine.

“This has been a step in faith but my Lord has called me for Him. He has put a burden on my heart for my Aboriginal people. My travels take me to many secluded communities where there is so much poverty,hurt and loneliness. There is missionary work to be done right here in our Aboriginal Communities.”

Mission: To exhalt my Savior through my testimony and songs

Vision: Jesus WILL set ALL free from the bondage of addictions and abuse.. and heal our families! AMEN

Donations always welcome.